Customers and content strategies  Keyword ranking Most of the top rankings in natural search are information providing sites such as review sites and affiliate sites. Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery and Takasu Clinic are also ranke high in natural searches, but Shonan Cosmetic Dermatology and Femy Clinic, which are highly ranke in the listings, seem to  have hard time in natural searches. ○Basic information I get the impression that review sites and affiliate sites clearly put points that users are likely to care about, such as “recommendations”, “rankings”, and “how to choose the right clinic” in their titles.

Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery is display at the top

Due to the limit on the number of characters displayed in the title, only part of the clinic name is displayed in the title part of the search results screen. From the Turkey Phone Number Data perspective of credibility as a clinic and branding effect, it is probably preferable to include the clinic name in the description. ○SEO policy information The number of backlinks and INDEX numbers vary considerably. Some affiliate sites have a fairly high number of backlinks, but this varies by site. Review sites are overwhelming the others in terms of the number of indexes.

Anchor text data for backlinks to the target site

Phone Number Data

Links are attache with anchor text such as “Double armpit hair removal” and “Medical laser hair removal.” *The anchor text that ident Ecuador Phone Number List is hidd. SEO tool that automatically extracts SEO issues and supports higher rankings. Research results/things I notice. There are only two clinic sites that are display at the top of natural search results (Currently, Takasu Clinic has drop  in ranking and only Shinagawa. Cosmetic Surgery is the only one) When searching for keywords related to hair removal , most of the sites that are ranke high are review sites and affiliate sites.

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