Glass is the only packaging material that has increased its use .Guillermina Garcia Guillermina Garcia Interview Share Glass is considered the appropriate packaging material for use in the food and beverage industry. A sector that requires packaging that can be to preserve and market its products safely. In recent years, glass has gained prominence as an inexhaustible resource that does not lose quantity or quality in its recycling process. Well, it avoids the generation of waste, the extraction of raw materials and emissions.

Glass: a different material

The glass industry in Spain has been  by a reduction in the figures of energy intensity and intensity of emissions. Thus achieving more sustainable Association of Glass Container Manufacturers in an interview Phone Number List  with The Food Tech . The reasons that motivate consumers to use glass in the food industry to other types of materials are very diverse. These range from added value to consumer experience. Davies  on defining three qualities that are linked to the intrinsic characteristics of glass and that represent a great environmental advantage.

Its use in the beverage industry

Natural : glass is  by melting natural raw materials that are abundant and easy to extract, ensuring minimal ecological impact Permanent: it does not lose quality AQB Directory  or quantity in its recycling process, so the raw material can be  with recycled material without affecting the quality of the glass. While reducing emissions, saving energy and avoiding waste. Inert : Does not give off odors or flavors to the products it contains. It does not degrade or release harmful substances to the environment. The good perception of glass by consumers is  by different independent studies, such as the one  out by Partners.

Glass, a material with great qualities for packaging food


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