Testing is an integral part of the development of any software product. And UI testing, or user interface testing, is an important and significant part of testing in general. As they say, you are greeted by your clothes. And the interface is exactly the “clothes” of your website or application that should make the first impression on your users. Therefore, it is very important to check all the criteria and make sure that the interface is of high quality in order not to lose users and expand the audience. What is UI testing and what are its benefits? Ui testing UI testing is an activity aimed at checking the quality of the user interface. As well as its compliance with all standards and requirements. Such testing can be carried out manually. Or it can use special tools, it all depends on the goals and features of the UI Test.

Why do you need prototype testing?

The essence of interface testing is that the software is tested from the user’s point of view so that the final product is usable. Attractive and understandable UI user to your audience. To do this, a team of people not involved in the development of a specific product Phone Number List is involved in testing. They get acquainted with the application. Study it and interact with it as an ordinary user would. The task of the development team is to track strengths and weaknesses. And after testing, to improve the product based on the test results. UI testing is carried out in parallel with checking the UX of a software product, so it is possible to achieve a greater degree of verification and even better results. Why do you need prototype testing?

Testing paper prototypes UI user

interface testing Prototype testing is carried out in the early stages of software development. And is the basis for checking both the UI and UX of the future application or website. Early detection of any errors in the interface structure and interaction of its components helps to significantly reduce costs. The fact is that the cost of correcting such errors at the AQB Directory prototyping stage is tens of times cheaper than correcting them in a finished product, because then you need to re-create the prototype. Correct the already drawn design and rewrite the code responsible for these functions. And in complex and highly detailed software products. This can take a lot of time, and there is also a risk of causing new errors and failures. 

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