Risk is a concept about the future, not the past. It is the name given to the possibility that future events will affect our strategies, goals and ways of doing business. When we look at it this way, we must realize that we face risks throughout our lives. No one knows what they will encounter one day or even one minute later, in business or private life. Therefore, the point that creates risk is the concept of uncertainty. The scope of a risk can be expressed as follows: Risk = Probability x Severity Probability is the likelihood of an event occurring, and severity is the extent and cost of the resulting loss. In general, risks can be divided into two categories: Pure Risk: These are risks in which the possible outcomes are missing or non-existent. Loss by fire, building burglarized, an employee involved in a motor vehicle accident, etc.

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Speculative risk: risks where the possible outcomes are loss. Profit or the Buy Bulk SMS Service status quo. Stock market investments and. New product series, new locations, etc. It includes business decision points such as. Clue you will be interested in our enterprise risk management consultancy page. Where our enterprise risk management consultancy approach, details of our consultancy. Process and the tips of this service are explained . “risk is trying to control. Something over which you are powerless.” eric clapton since we, as individuals, institutions. And countries, do not know what will happen in the future, we define a concept. Called risk and in this way we try to make this task manageable. From here the concept. Of risk management arises.

Risk management is the name given

The process of making the behaviors or actions that we may encounter in the future and that have the AQB Directory potential to affect our lives, the functioning of our institution and our strategies manageable by planning from today. Therefore, risk management is a very important concept. In fact, we should be aware that we carry out very serious risk management in our personal lives without even realizing it. For example, we will go on a trip tomorrow. One of the first actions we take in this context is to check the weather forecast on the internet to see if it is rainy. This is part of being able to manage risk. If the weather is likely to be rainy, we will buy clothes accordingly and choose our venue accordingly. Otherwise, we have to calculate the probability of the risk occurring and take certain actions.

How Does Risk Management Work?


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