A blogger does not always agree to advertising. It is imperative to discuss all the nuances before starting cooperation. The brand must provide a clear technical specification. As a blogger, I am very picky about advertising, especially those involving a child. Taking into account the received technical specifications, I decide whether integration is right for me. They also often offer advertisements for underwear, but that’s not my story. You need to choose the blogger who does this. At the same time, people love and want hype. They watch cringe stories more often. But you need to understand that such a story will make you a name, PR, but you should be prepared for hate.

What is technical specification Key qualities

And how to draw it up correctly we explain in the article The ideal technical specification for a blogger is the key to successful advertising integration Key qualities of a blogger for successful cooperation with brands? Firstly, be sure to pay attention to what Buy Bulk SMS Service the blogger’s page looks like, whether he has had any scandals, and how long he has been on the market. People consume content with their eyes. Aesthetics and visualization are always important. Unfortunately, there are bloggers who “don’t take care” of their page — they post unprofessional photos or those taken in poor lighting. Secondly, it is important what kind of audience is subscribed to the blogger:

Age Key qualities country of coverage;

Who comments on posts, number of likes, who replies to comments and to whom. Thirdly, the AQB Directory content that the blogger creates: how he presents information, expresses his position, whether these theses coincide with the goals and objectives of the brand. Monitor the blogger’s account for at least two weeks, preferably a month. During this period, you can understand how much the influencer falls into your target audience, whether his ideology corresponds to the ideology of the brand. For me personally, it is important that a blogger can interest people with his mind. Such influencers are interesting to imitate, it makes sense to buy advertising because he tells a story. 

Key qualities of a blogger for successful cooperation with brands?


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