You can consolidate the evaluation from search engines. To select keywords for countermeasures, you can refer to keywords from competing sites or obtain them from access analysis data. If you would like to know more about how to select keywords for countermeasures, please refer to the article below. “ Explaining the important keyword selection method for SEO measures in 4 steps ” ③ Internal link design Work to connect pillar content and cluster content with internal links. There are two points to keep in mind when designing internal links:

Place internal links to pillar content in all cluster content

Cluster content sends internal links to each other only when related By designing internal links at the site design stage, you can create a site structure that is New Zealand Phone Number Data easy to understand for both users and search engines. You can make the whole website strong for SEO, not just one piece of content.Google’s pursuit of user convenienceto reflect search results linked to user location information. The algorithm update created a system called local search. In either case, although the essential purpose of meeting search needs is the same.

SEO tool that automatically extracts

Phone Number Data

SEO issues and supports higher rankings Users searching for Omotesando are looking for information around Omotesando, while users searching for Hakodate Bulgaria Phone Number List are looking for information around Hakodate, so search results will change according to user needs. In the next chapter, we will explain the difference between local search and SEO. check the numbers in the report and prioritize the items with the lowest numbers first. However, as explained above, the most important thing is the quality of the content. While it’s important to pay attention to page experience, first focus on creating content that has a high SEO rating. At the same time, we recommend that you improve your page experience rating. If you would like to learn more about content .

How to check your local search rankings


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