As you can see, an seo strategy is essential to gaining visibility in the online world. But it must be done correctly to successfully avoid. Any penalties or major problems that may arise from errors made during the optimization process. Being aware of these failures will allow you to properly structure your. Seo strategy and get the most out of the positioning of your website. Keyword stuffing if you want to improve the web positioning of your site. One of the main seo errors that you should avoid is keyword over-optimization or keyword stuffing. Don’t get confused thinking that writing your keyword repetitively. Will make your text have better positioning. The days when this worked have passed. Now the user is the most important thing and a good user experience is valued.

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The secure version of the url (ssl) to comply with google recommendations. And give users confidence. If you don’t take action, users could abandon your site when they find it unsafe. Resulting in an Australia Phone Number Data in bounce rate and a decrease in average dwell time. Therefore, don’t forget to implement security measures so that users feel comfortable on your site and you can achieve your conversion goals. Most frequent seo mistakes: not being present on social networks although they do not directly influence seo , they can be a correlative influencing factor. However, don’t fool yourself into thinking that having more followers on your social networks will automatically lead you to better position your content. The most important thing is to have communities of active users.

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Only harm our search engine positioning , but also the user experience on our page. Google likes websites to load quickly , both on desktop and mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to measure the loading speed of our website using tools such as gtmetrix or page speed ​​insights . Ideally, our website should load in less than 2 seconds. Pay attention to the loading Algeria Phone Number List of your website and you will see how your seo improves ! Too commercial content, one of the most common seo mistakes if you are involved in the world of seo you should avoid content that is too commercial and has little value. It is important that you understand that, to attract visitors and retain users on your site, you must focus on providing quality and valuable content , instead of just trying to sell. This practice is slowly becoming extinct thanks to greater consumer awareness and the benefits of user-focused content.

Seo errors that you should avoid to improve web positioning


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