Therefore, you want to know how to request the digital kit ? We present you a complete guide in which we will explain. The key steps to request the digital kit and obtain financial aid to boost your business through digitalization. In addition, we show you the maximum subsidies you can qualify for and. How the entire kit digital subsidy plan is configur. Finally, you will discover. Therefore, The importance of contacting approv digitizing agents to make the most of this valuable help. What is the digital kit? The digital kit. Sometimes known as the “digital bonus”, is an aid program promoted by the spanish government and manag by. With the main objective of promoting the digitalization of smes and the self-employ. The premise is to facilitate the modernization of the spanish productive fabric.

Everything is framed in the recovery

Transformation and resilience plan and the sme digitalization plan 2021 – 2025. These initiatives affect the growing need for smaller companies. Therefore, digitize and begin to use software solutions UK Phone Number Data make them more competent. Therefore, The digital kit aid program includes three levels of financial aid. Depending on the size of the company: companies with between 10 and 49 employees. Can receive a subsidy of up to 12,000 euros. Smes with between 3 and 9 employees can qualify for an amount of up to 6,000 euros. Micro-businesses and self-employed workers with up to 2 employees can receive aid of up to 2,000 euros. In what fields can the digital kit be used? The digital bonus is intend to support. The implementation of technological proposals , improving the efficiency and competitiveness of small businesses. Microbusinesses and the self-employed in the digital environment.

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Creation of e-commerce store

Therefore, presence on social networks : up to 2500 euros. Automat and efficient customer management system : up to 4000 euros. Comprehensive fully digital process management system : up to 6000 euros. Digitization of billing : up to 1000 euros. Creation and analysis of databases : up to 4000 euros. Digital platform for the virtual office : up to 12,000 euros. Digital Argentina Phone Number List and protection against cyber attacks : up to 6,000 euros for cybersecurity services and 6,000 euros to implement secure communications. How to request the digital kit step by step we reach the central part of this guide. We have already explain to you what exactly the digital kit is and what areas of your company it covers. Now is the time to know the instructions to request it and receive the corresponding digital bonus. Step 1: review the requirements there are some requirements that you must meet before requesting digital kit help for your business.

How to request a digital kit to help your business


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