Next, what are the benefits of registering a website with Google Search Console? We will explain its useful functions. Recommended function ①: Check penalty (spam) judgment ▶You can check whether your site has been judged as spam (penalty) by Google on the “Manual measures” page under “Search Traffic” in the left column of the Search Console . If your search ranking for a keyword you were ranking highly for has dropped significantly, we recommend that you take a look at the “Manual Countermeasures” page. Two types of countermeasures are displayed under “Manual countermeasures”.

Site wide matches list measures that affect the entire site

The second is “partial match”. Broad matches include measures that affect individual URLs of your site or parts of your site. If the problem is isolated and Italy Phone Number Data unrelat it affects individual pages, parts of the site, or links to the site, not the entire site. For each item, “Reason” and “Target” are display. If there are no issues, you will typically see “No manual webspam protection found.” Common manual measures include: Unnatural links from your site Unnatural links to sites hacked site Low quality content with no value malicious spam user-generated spam Hidden text/keyword abuse Cloaking.

Unauthorize Redirects Free hosts with spamming

Phone Number Data

Spammy structured markup cloaked image Basically, there is no problem as long as you are not intentionally trying to trick search engines. You need to Greece Phone Number List be careful because in your desperation for SEO measures. You may try various methods and end up unintentionally engaging in spamming like the one above. If you receive a spam (penalty) judgment. The ranking of the keywords that were previously rank  high will drop significantly. As a result, the number of accesses for keywords that used to get traffic will decrease significantly. So be sure to check the manual countermeasures page frequently and respond promptly if you receive a warning.

What are the recommended features that can be use


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