PAA (People Also Ask) refers to a feature on Google’s search screen that refers to questions ask  other search users. It is often referre to by the acronym PAA. It has been introduce overseas since 2017, and as of April 2022, it is also display in Japanese search results. In Japan, it will be displayed on the search screen under the heading “Other people also ask this question.” PAA is a list of questions related to your search term, and when you tap a question, an accordion opens and displays the answer to the question, as well as a link to the content and its title. For example, if you search for “What is SEO,” the search screen will display pages that answer.

Data source of PAA People Also Ask response results

PAA response results are excerpts from existing websites that are suitable for the search keyword . It is not created by Google. But the relevant parts are extract from the Greece Phone Number Data content of existing pages and post. They tend to be excerpts from content such as “Frequently Ask Questions and Answers” within the content. In addition, answers may be displayed not only as text, but also in the form of tables, lists, images, videos, etc.

Google uses a mechanical process to display answers to questions

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it is possible that the answers you received may not be displaye. In the unlikely event that the content displayed on the PPA has little relevance to the search Azerbaijan Phone Number List keyword, or there is incorrect information. You can enter your proposal from “Feedback” and submit it. “What is SEO,” but the following questions will appear in the PAA box. PPA when searching for “What is SEO. PPA when searching for “What is SEO?” For those who want to know what SEO is. It can also solve questions other than the search terms, such as what measures should be take or what SEO writing is, so users can save themselves the trouble of searching over and over again.

What is People Also Ask PAA


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