Since its origins in the mid-1960s. The internet has evolved immeasurably and along with it has also changed the world. The impact of this invention on society becomes greater if we remember that it only became, accessible to the masses after 1990. Before that. The internet was only restricted to the academic sphere. Currently. 46% of the world’s population is an internet user. According to pierre lévy. In his book cyberculture. This growth is the result of an international movement, of young people eager to collectively experiment with forms of communication different from those offered by classical media. Sometimes the term “media” is used to identify the resource through which information is transmitted. That is. The channel or means of communication, through which communication takes place.

Vicente gosciola says in his book roadmap

From cinema to interactive media that. In the current situation. In the market and in the day-to-day life of users of new technologies. The term “media” is used to identify the support, where content will Israel Phone Number List replicated. By classical media we mean media such as telephone. Cinema. Television. Radio. Etc. All media considered analog. And currently. Everyone is in a race to reinvent themselves and adapt to the internet era. Either that. Or become obsolete. As happened with vcrs and walkmens . But. In addition to adapting existing media. The internet also forced, the emergence of new media. Digital media. Digital media is understood as any media that uses digital equipment as a means to create. The emergence of new media brought humanity, new devices to base our communication on. Which also created new ways of communicating.

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Human communication is an artificial process

Discoveries. Tools and instruments. That is. On symbols organized into codes.” with connected personal computers. Tablets and cell phones. We have created a whole new social, protocol to be followed. We have Cameroon Phone Number List changed the way we interact with the world and the way we consume knowledge and. Above all. Culture. It is now possible to acquire knowledge on any topic. Anytime. Anywhere. As long as there is an internet connection. This openness to knowledge. Which previously was only restricted to a tiny portion of the population. Had its impact. Everyone has access to knowledge. And everyone can produce and share even more knowledge. Roy ascott, called this phenomenon “the second flood”. The deluge of information. “telecommunications generate this new deluge due to the exponential. Explosive and chaotic nature of their growth. The raw amount of, data available multiplies and accelerates.

Digital media what is the internet today


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