Google analytics can be your website and your company’s greatest ally in the digital environment. There is valuable information waiting to be found. Many users ignore this tool. Whether due to lack of knowledge. Neglect. Fear or any other factor that prevents them from entering this universe. So today we are going to talk in a basic way about some tools and information that everyone who manages a website or has interest should know. Google analytics: what are the main data? Before starting. It’s good to remember that there is a vast amount of information in google analytics . But everything must have a beginning. To do this you need to understand the following points about visualization. To access access values. That is. It is the interaction period. Which is defined by google as 30 minutes.

Google analytics in this logic

We have a number of views that will be greater than the number of visits and the number of visits greater than the number of visitors. Google analytics and the user but a company doesn’t live on access alone. It is necessary to understand what the user is doing on their page. Whether they are really engaged. For this we have two very important basic metrics. Pages per visits : as the name suggests. It is the average number of pages per visits. If your website has a low number of pages per visits it may indicate a lack of attractiveness or Hong Kong Phone Number List a navigation difficulties. Bounce rate : here we have a frightening index. The bounce rate is based on the number of users who access your website and do not take any action. Do not browse other pages. So far so good. We know how many hits we had. And what the bounce rate was. But that’s not enough for a basic report. Now let’s focus on identifying where users come from and how they access our website. Traffic source yes.

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Google analytics metricas

This moment we can identify that 44% of the current traffic on my website comes from social networks. A total value of 440 sessions. To find out more details about which social networks. Just click on “social”. Metricas google analytics okay. Now we can know exactly the sessions coming from each social network. Now let’s find out how to know which platform is accessing your Australia Phone Number List website. Many websites have a higher volume of access via mobile. However. They are not adapted for mobile devices. So this data is very important for building your website. To find this information on the panel. Go to “target audience” and click on “mobile” and finally on “overview” google analytics metricanow let’s understand the data presented. In the image below we can see the total volume of sessions in the analyzed period and the quality and percentage separated by devices. Separated by desktop. Mobile and tablet.

Learn about the basic metrics of google analytics


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