SEO measures that law  This time, we will analyze keywords related to the “lawyer” industry, which is something that many people are not familiar with on a daily basis, but which has the potential to be involved in many people, and develop keyword strategies for law firms to ” win ” in attracting customers from search engines. I would like to introduce you.

What keywords should I target

As I mentioned at the beginning, legal issues that require a lawyer are not something we are familiar with on a daily basis. However, there are legal issues that Sweden Phone Number Data are surprisingly familiar to us, such as consumer issues, inheritance, and labor issues . When faced with a problem and there is no one around who is knowledgeable about it, many people search online . This is especially true if the problem is one that is difficult to discuss with others.

The keywords that law firms should target

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For attracting customers are those that are frequently search and have high market need. And online customer acquisition is also quite active. As major law Cyprus Phone Number List firms are expecte to invest large sums of money. What strategies should small and medium-size law firms with limit resources use . We will consider this based on keyword research. #Investigation method.

Using a unique tool that we developed, we select keywords, suggestions, and related words for Adwords, and then compare the ranking of search results and the status of internal measures for 20 sites in the same genre. This time, in order to avoid too many keywords, we conducted a keyword research focusing on keywords related to “divorce” from among the legal issues that law firms handle.

SEO measures that law firms lawyers should take


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