Venice Update (also known as Venice Update) is an algorithm update by Google that aims to display optimal search results by utilizing the location information of the user’s search behavior. Local search is a system in which search keywords that are highly relevant to a specific region or location are reflected in search results that are appropriate for that location. For example, if you search for “cafe” in cafes around Omotesano will be display in the search results.

Differences from Pigeon Update

Similar to the Venice Update, the Pigeon Update is also a regional update. Its role is to “display optimized search results even for facility names and place India Mobile Number Data names that have different names.” For example, “Sancha” and “Sangenjaya” have different search queries, but they are the same place name and have similar search needs. If you actually search with the above keywords. The same search result pages will be reflected. In this way, Vision Update allows search results and content optimized for users to be reflecte. Even if the keywords have different names or names. At first glance, it may seem similar to Venice Update. But its role and outline are different, so be sure to remember the differences.

Impact of Venice Update

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Before the  was implemente.  the single keyword “cafe” would only return similar search results even if you searche all over the country. “Beauty salons” and “restaurants” that were able to rank high in search results were able to gain a lot of access. However, after implementing the Venice Update. Search results are different depending on the location searche. So access is now distribute. While there are facilities and stores where access has decrease.

There are also pages where access has increased. However, it is true that search results are now more optimized for users. There is no doubt that this  Bahrain Phone Number List influence has improved user convenience. Therefore, if you want to get a high ranking in search results and get a lot of access, you need to take appropriate measures against Venice Update.


What is Venice Update Explaining the impact on SEO


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