Before talking about WeChat point-to-point marketing, we need to talk about two issues first: first, the development capabilities and conditions that WeChat marketers have; second, we need to understand what point-to-point marketing strategy is. When it comes to development, many people will think that it definitely requires excellent technical skills and program code to understand. In fact, WeChat marketers do not need to build a public platform with basic functions. In short, you only need two things: one is to be interest in doing it, and the other is to think about learning.

Regions and groups are more concentrated

and the relationship between the customer groups that point-to-point marketing may face is closer, which helps marketers to formulate targeted strategies, improves Switzerland Whatsapp Data marketers’ work efficiency and marketing influence to a great extent, and A group that can have a certain degree of relevant influence among customers. After a brief understanding of the above two aspects, the content to be introduc below may be more intuitive. How to build a public account platform? Many people will ask whether applying for a public account is an enterprise certification service account. In fact, this is not the case.

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There’s more to running and maintaining public accounts than you think

High-quality content attached to public accounts is the theme of the platform and is the basis for obtaining the best user experience. So, for non-technical  AQB Directory development and non-technical development marketers, how to use their own strength to build a public account platform with basic functions. 1. Use the development platform to build the function of corporate public accounts Speaking of public accounts, I believe I don’t need to explain how to apply for registration? Registration after 5.0 is now divided into subscription account and service account. The author believes that WeChat marketing should have two elements: 1. Qunfa Bao (peer-to-peer marketing) 2. At least a subscription account and a service account (very useful later). If you are interested in the process of applying for an account, you can do your own research.

Peer-to-peer push marketing for WeChat public accounts


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