It Is No Longer News That the New Economy Is Transforming the World in Which We Live. the Collaborative. Digital Economy Is Already a Reality Around the World. We See This New Reality in Transport. Where Uber Is Revolutionizing the Industry and Affecting Taxis. a Business Model Solidified Decades Ago. in a Previously Unimaginable Way. This Also Happens with the Hotel Industry. Where Airbnb Has Had a Billion-Dollar Impact on the Global Hotel Industry. Coworking Spaces Have Proliferated Around the World and Today Thousands of Startups. Small and Even Large Companies No Longer Need the Heavy Structure of a Traditional Office. Netflix on TV. Spotify on Music and We Live in a Changing Reality. and in Communication? in a World with So Many Transformations. the Communication Market Could Not Be Left Out. Although Many Still Try to Maintain the Old Standards. the World Has Also Changed in Communication. Whether in Journalism. Advertising and Other Areas. the Old Communication Models Have Their Days Numbered. the “Power of Mass Media” Has Not Been the Same for Some Time. the Democratization of Communication Through Digital Media Has Weakened Traditional Vehicles and the World of Advertising Has Also Joined the Wave.

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The dinosaurs of brazilian advertising found themselves lost. On the way to imminent extinction. Standard-content-post in this scenario. A new communication market emerges. Where professionals have much more freedom and work flexibility. The 9:00 to 18:00 job gave way to the home office. The Taiwan Phone Number List in the city newspaper gave way to the national blog. The magazine’s illustrator also has clients in the united states and india. The comfort zone of the 20% commission on media gave way to performance campaigns. Driven by roi. The new digital agencies digital agencies. Of course. Could not fail to contribute to this new context. Breaking old paradigms. One of the examples are the new content agencies. Such as rock content. Which through hundreds or thousands of employees (freelancers) serve clients from the most diverse areas. The huge structures of traditional agencies today give way to new possibilities. Such as having your own digital agency. Without the costs and risks of a traditional operation.

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We see that the world has changed

Green digital is an example of this new model. Enabling entrepreneurs to have their own business. Starting at low cost and through a recognized brand. Helping small and medium-sized companies grow using digital marketing. It is certainly a scenario of challenges. But also of countless opportunities Austria Phone Number List for those who are attentive and. Above all. Prepared. And you. Are you prepared? Categories black friday brand creativity design email marketing digital strategy facebook green digital instagram sponsored links marketing digital social media seo technology uncategorized web design recent posts design thinking and creating exceptional user experiences main “e-commerce trends” for 2023: stay up to date 5 things you need to know before hiring a designer marketing automation: learn how to apply it in business.

The new economy and the world of communication


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