We will guide you step by step so that you learn how to correctly apply for the digital kit and obtain the financial aid that will help you boost your company through digitalization. Likewise, you will discover how to access the maximum subsidies available and how to contact a participating digitization agent to make the most of this valuable help. Get ready to transform your business! Know the basics of this program before applying for the digital kit in summary, the digital kit , also known as “Digital bonus” , is an aid program promot by the spanish government and manage by red.Es. Its main objective is to promote the digitalization of smes and the self-employ. Precisely, this program seeks to facilitate the modernization of the spanish productive fabric, allowing companies to incorporate digital platforms that improve their productivity and competitiveness.

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It should be noted that the budget assigned to the digital kit is 3,067 million euros, financed by the european union through next generation funds. All of this is framed within the recovery , transformation Kuwait Phone Number List resilience plan and. The sme digitalization plan 2021-2025. Therefore, many companies that fall into the sme categories. That we will mention later will have the opportunity to apply for the digital kit to incorporate software. Solutions that make them more competent. Subsidies depending on the size. The company specifically, the digital kit aid program contemplates different levels of financial aid depending. On the size of the company: companies with between 10 and 49 employees. They can receive a subsidy of up to 12,000 euros. Smes with between 3 and 9 employees. They can opt for an amount of up to 6,000 euros.

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Recently, the expansion of the digital kit aid program to smes with more than 50 workers was announced. That is, these companies will be able to apply for a digital kit to qualify for bonuses of between in order to digitize their processes. Application areas of the El Salvador Phone Number List digital kit as we said. The digital bonus is intended to support the implementation of technological proposals. That improve the efficiency and competitiveness of companies in the digital environment. Below, we present a list of the different categories considered. And the maximum amount of aid for each of them: website and basic presence on the internet. Professional design of a website optimized for search engines up to €2,000 in help. Electronic commerce . Design of an online store. With functions for buying and selling products and/or services (up to €2,000 in aid). Social media management.

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