The digital kit to smes with more than 50 workers. With this measure, this segment will be incorporated into the beneficiary companies of the aforementioned digitalization aid program . Find out this and other details below. The expansion of the digital kit is in sight! Indeed, the first vice president and minister of economic affairs and digital transformation, nadia calviño , announced on wednesday, may 31, the expansion of the digital kit to smes with more than 50 workers. Therefore, companies belonging to this segment will be eligible for bonuses of between 25,000 and 29,000 euros to digitize their processes . Calviño reported on this government decision during the closing of the 38th meeting of the economic circle in barcelona. It should be noted that this inclusion will be part of the addendum to the recovery.

At last! After months of waiting

Transformation and resilience plan that the council of ministers estimates to approve and send to the council of the european union next week. After this procedure, an additional 7.7 billion euros in transfers and 84 billion euros in loans will be mobilized. These amounts will be added to the Poland Phone Number List million euros of the first phase of the plan. Last march, calviño said that nearly 950 million euros in aid had been granted under kit digital . That is, almost a third of the 3,067 million budget with which the program in question was provided. Until that moment, 183,000 companies with up to 50 employees received their “digital bonus” , as the amount awarded to the beneficiaries is known. Also until march, catalonia led the autonomous communities with the most funds raised from kit digital.

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The government announced the expansion

According to the minister, companies between 10 and 50 workers. For the most part, invest this aid in solutions focused on process management (erp) and business intelligence . For their part, smaller companies tend to select solutions that allow them to increase their positioning , such as web design and social network management . Extension of the digital kit until the France Phone Number List call period certainly, the incorporation as beneficiaries of the segment of smes with more than 50 employees adds to the extension of the application period. This was extended until december 2024 for companies with up to 49 workers. In principle, the deadlines for the different categories ended in 2023. Companies between 10 and 49 workers , on march 15. With between 3 and 9 employees. On september 2. Self-employed and micro-businesses with up to 2 employees.

The government announces the expansion of the digital kit


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