The whole world is surrendering to the charms and facilities offered by mobile devices to users. Companies from all corners are increasingly investing in selling products or offering services through cell phone applications. Want an example? The biggest technology startups that are currently successful globally offer their products or services through apps and invest in mobile marketing: uber. Waze. Ifood. Airbnb. Expedia and hobinhood are some examples. Mobile marketing mobile marketing and consumer behavior consumer user behavior is what moves large companies to invest in this market. Transforming their businesses with the help of mobile marketing. In addition to the issue involving changing user behavior and the trend of smartphones. Mobile marketing allows for greater analysis of user behavior while they have the device in hand or not.

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According to a survey. 80% of buyers use their cell phone to research the product and obtain more information even when they are in stores (latitude). Mobile marketing and engagement how does your brand see its target audience? Can you already see the technological change that smartphones India Phone Number List making in business and especially in consumer habits? So here’s a tip! 90% of the population between the ages of 18 and 24 consider mobile devices to be an integral part of their daily life. Of these. 70% use tablets for online research about services and products. Optimized sales with mobile marketing you have a powerful tool capable of increasing the number of sales and boosting your business. You just need to know how to use it! So know that 88% of people admit that having a mobile device with real-time information optimizes their desire to buy.

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Use their smartphones for shopping? (online marketing institute). If you’re still not convinced that investing in mobile is a good move. Here’s another interesting fact: more than 60% of smartphone owners made Bahrain Phone Number List online purchases using their devices in the last year. So from now on you can analyze with a little more care and optimism whether the investment in mobile is really worth it. In fact. There is a good chance that you read this publication on a cell phone screen. Which brings us to another topic: responsive websites . But. That’s for a next post. Stay tuned to green’s blog for more news and curiosities. A good inspiration never hurts. Right? Advertisers. Creatives. Content creators and marketing professionals are always looking for good ideas for their campaigns. Pieces and the like.


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