Term created more than a decade ago. However. It is only in recent years that the revolutionary form of customer service has become known and considered as an important tool for companies. The evolution from traditional sac to sac 2.0 in the past. When a user needed to solve a problem or resolve a question. They would have to make telephone contact with the company. The procedure was never the simplest or quickest. Since. To “facilitate” communication. The client was almost always forced to communicate with a recording to reach the final objective. If not by phone. There was the option of contact via email. What was supposed to be a more uncomplicated form of service ended up becoming a less than useful way of contacting companies. As many fail to respond to the customer and when they do. It takes a long time. With the rise of the internet and connectivity.

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Use social networks as a form of sac. They were practically forced by the consumer to offer a minimum of customer service. Sac 2.0 what users expect from sac 2.0 the service provided in sac 2.0 needs to understand that the consumer does not just want to be heard. They want and demand interaction. The service is now carried out in a personalized way for each customer. Always Malaysia Phone Number List to optimize the way and speed of solving their problem. Consumers want to be heard and have an active voice. Which has become much easier and more common with social media. Customers no longer want to wait hours or days to have their problems resolved. Whether by phone or email. And when he realizes that the company is not treating him as it should. He runs to social media. Posts. Comments. Sends messages. Sac 2.0 and the importance for company marketing social networks have a great power of reach.

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Therefore. More and more entrepreneurs are understanding the importance of good customer service and investing more and more in quality communication channels . Everything so that the customer does not have to show their dissatisfaction on social media. On the other hand. A well-implemented Bahamas Phone Number List and offered sac 2.0 service can yield good results. Making the company a reference in the sector in which it operates and generating an increasingly positive impact among its customers. Thus contributing to their loyalty. Thus. We can see how good sac 2.0 service has become essential nowadays. Want to know more tips and curiosities? Stay tuned to green’s blog. However. It offers a very wide variety of images. Separated by category or not. In addition to photographs. You can find signs and symbols. For example. Access freeimages here.

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