Snapchat is a social network. Normally used on cell phones and tablets. Which is used to exchange messages. Photos and videos! In addition to the standard snapchat functions. The application has two sending options. The first option is private sending. Where you choose who you want to send it to and how long that person will be able to see the content sent. The time varies from 1 to 10 seconds. The second option is sending in history. Where you send it to all your added friends. With this option. The content sent can be seen by your friends as many times as they want! Furthermore. The application offers several functions to make sending images more fun! Therefore. In today’s post we will check out some snapchat functions. Seven snapchat functions to use and abuse filters “snap” provides filters for your photos and videos. Making your publications more fun.


Voice and video calls now

Snap has the option to make calls. Both voice and video! You can also send voice messages to your friends! Personalize your photos users can also draw pictures on their photos. Making their publications Mexico Phone Number List cheerful and colorful! This snapchat function can be found in the pencil-shaped icon after the photo taken by the user. Lost your friend’s snap? No problem! Snapchat has a “review” tool. If you receive a snap from a friend of yours and want to use this tool. Just hold down the contact’s snap. This tool can only be used once a day (for free). And can be purchased more if necessary. Printscreen? Careful! As we all know. On our mobile devices. We have the option to take/make printscreen. Which is a photo of the screen! In snaps. This can happen. But the person who sent the snap receives a “notification” that the other person did this. According to renata. “ many people have difficulty expressing their suffering and seeking help. Mainly due to fear of exposure. The opportunity to establish a virtual support network ends up encouraging people to obtain support and do so anonymously.

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The dissemination of treatment monitoring possibilities

Facilitation of where to look for these services is also very positive. Vetoing the discussion of this type of topic for fear of triggering an increase in the suicide rate. In this case. Only makes suicide and death increasingly seen as “taboo”. Being able to speak openly about the subject allows Bolivia Phone Number List prejudices to be broken and the population. In general. To be more open to supporting this subject and even understanding whether he gives any signal in this regard. As the belief that “those who want to kill themselves do not warn and yes. You kill yourself” is a myth. Those who think about suicide show it yes (in whatever way they can). What happens is that we are often too blind to see it. Seeing the possibility of death in others is seeing our own fragility as humans. Which ends up generating a certain resistance to realizing and talking about it.” psychologist renata highlights the importance of careful communication.


Snapchat functions that everyone should know about


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