Discover the 6 reasons Common Reasons Your Site Is Not Showing Up in Google Searches You are misclassified You prevent search engines from indexing your pages Search engines are not able to crawl your pages Your page does not match search intent Your page does not offer a good user experience (UX) You have duplicate content Let’s go ! 1. You are misclassified First of all, it is always useful to check that your site is missing from Google search results. Many people think their website isn’t showing up on Google at all when in reality their page is ranking very poorly. For example, you may have just looked at the first five pages of search results and think your site isn’t showing up on Google when it’s actually ranked on page 40.

This is why you should check that your page

Or site is not in Google’s index before doing any further troubleshooting. Solution To verify that your page is not in Google’s index , perform a site search Malaysia Telegram Number Data for your page on Google. Here’s how to perform a site search for a website and page: For a site: Enter the syntax: site:your-domain-name Searching Google sites by domain For a page: Enter the syntax: site:url-of-page Google site search by page If you see results, the page is in Google’s index. If you don’t see any results, there could be several reasons why your page or site is missing. If so, we recommend checking out the following reasons from our list below to help Google discover and index your page.

You prevent search engines from indexing your pages

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Are you still saying to yourself “my site doesn’t appear on Google”? Don’t worry, there are other culprits that may be causing this problem. Another possible Venezuela Phone Number List reason why your site is not showing up on Google is that you are preventing search engines from indexing yo. meta tag is a piece of HTML code that tells search engines not to index your page. Therefore, if this tag is on a page that you want to index, it will not appear on Google. Even if you have submitted your sitemap. Solution The best way to find pages with a “noindex” tag is to use Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a free tool that gives. You access to tons of features . To find pages marked “noindex”, go to the index report, click Pages. And then look for pages “excluded by the ‘noindex’ tag”.

Discover the 6 reasons why your site is not ranked well


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