The first way is to check The second way to test mobile friendliness is to look at the “Mobile Usability” section of “Search Traffic” in Google Search Console. mobile friendly test comment_photo I see! In order for a smartphone site to be ranked high, it is necessary to respond to problems that come up in the mobile friendly test and Google Search Console. By the way, how should I deal with the items listed here? comment_photo I’ll explain that in the next chapter. Mobile-friendly guidelines that smartphone sites should comply with comment_photo The mobile-friendly algorithm for smartphones mainly looks at the following seven items.

Does the viewport exist on the source

Is fixed viewport width an appropriate setting? Does the content size fit in the viewport? Are you using Flash?. Are the tap elements (links and buttons) too close Belgium Telegram Number Data together. Is there a problem with displaying the text font. Are app download interstitials used? Referenc. Search Console Help How to respond to each item of mobile friendly algorithm The solutions vary depending on the issue, so we will briefly explain each one. Does the viewport exist on the source. The term viewport may be unfamiliar to you. but simply put, it is a meta tag for smartphone optimization.

Write this tag in the head of the source

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Viewport setting example 1 <meta name=viewport content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″> ■ Set reference viewport | Web Fundamentals – Google Developers Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Is fix. Even if the viewport has  install. if the fixed width setting is incorrect, it will be detect as an error. Please check again if the settings are correct and correct them. Set reference viewport  Web Fundamentals. Google Developers Does the content size fit in the viewport. Once the viewport is set up, it’s time to size the content. For example, even if you set up a viewport. If the image is fix at a size larger than the width of the smartphone. It may not be display clearly. By specifying the size using CSS as a percentage. it becomes possible to support various devices.

The first way is to check with the mobile friendly test


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