But the conclusion is that there is no problem in using it as many times as necessary. Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter, “Describe as much as you need.” Google’s John Muller’s tweet Google’s official guide clearly states that you should avoid “excessive use of heading tags on a page,” so limit the number of H1 tags to one, which has the role of “expressing the content of the page concisely.” is preferable. Google “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide” What is h1 tag? Explaining the SEO effect and 5 ways to use it What is the H1 tag? Explaining SEO effects and 5 ways to use them h2~h6 tag Use the h2 to h6 tags as headings within the text. The usage of each h tag is as follows.

Used for the most important text after h1 h3 medium heading

Use for the text that is the point in h2 h4-h6 (subheading) Used as a supplement when the content is not organized in h3 There is no problem in using multiple h2 to Cambodia Telegram Number Data h6 on one page. However, be careful about the order so that the structure within the headings is organized. How to write h tag Before setting the h tag, let’s understand the basic description method. We will also show you how to adjust the colors and font size, so please consider the overall appearance and readability of the web page when making settings. Basic description method The description method for the h tag is as follows, and it is the same for h1 to h6.

Adjusting colors and font size

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Adjust the color and font size of the h tag using CSS. Specify the font size as “font-size” and the color as “color”. Please refer to the following for how to write CSS. If  Singapore Phone Number List you want to change the font size, change “26px”. h2 { font-size: 26px; } If you want to change the color, change “#0000ff. There is no problem in writing each one at the same time. h2 { font-size: 26px; color:#0000ff; } Adjust the colors and font size to be easy to read and match the atmosphere of your site. Please refer to the following page for a detailed. explanation of the coding required to operate a website. “ How to code HTML tags that are effective for SEO? ” order of description .The smaller the h tag number, the larger the heading, and the order of h1 to h6 should maintain a nested structure.

There is a limit to the number of times an H1 tag can be use


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