6 SEO trends for 2024  Mr SatoDon’t you all say that a certain site seems like a lie? It’s like when you go to an izakaya in Shibuya, the food and photos look really beautiful, but in reality, it’s all a lie. That’s how I hear it, so I’ll check it out properly. ── Do you ever feel that the results you get from a search engine are questionable? Mr. AtsumiI don’t believe in the ranking format. When it comes to cosmetics, it seems like they have a “best value ranking”, so I bought one that was good, but it turned out not to be good at all, so I stopped trusting it. “Aren’t you paying money behind the scene. I don’t believe in rankings anymore. Stemware. Like ── When you think something is suspicious, do you search for other information? Mr SatoWell, I’ll look for images of people. Who are actually doing it on Instagram or Twitter to check if it’s true.

Can you trust the information on Instagram

Mr. AtsumiI search for things like Instagram, but I don’t know how much to believe. Because of my job, I like cosmetics that have good color, so I don’t get upset Iran Telegram Number Data when natural-oriented people write on Twitter.`This color is super cute.” Mr SatoAlso, it feels like an advertisement when everyone is posting the same thing at the same time. Mr. AtsumiI don’t buy that kind of thing. ── Where can you trust information from? Mr. AtsumiMy friend told me that this one was good. so I bought one that wasn’t even listed in the rankings. and it turned out to be better.

I would have liked to hear more from you

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It doesn’t matter who says it. If this person is talking about it.I’d like to try it. If someone I follow from the same staff says.“This is great,” I’m more likely to Tunisia Phone Number List buy it. Even when I look it up on Instagram. I look at everything that person has posted and think. Oh, that’s what it feels like” to see if it matches my sensibilities. Mr SatoRather than reading word of mouth. I decided to go there myself if someone I knew had gone there. ── In my work, I was actually partly implementing SEO measures. and I was expose to the new world of Google. for image searches. so I think I became more interested in search engines than before.

6 SEO trends for 2024 to know


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