The database is form according to a certain data model and organization, and has the characteristics of low redundancy, high independence and strong scalability. Analysis of database The full name of database is database management system (DBMS). As its name suggests, it is the management system responsible for maintaining the underlying database, and the person responsible for maintaining the management system is called DBA. The database management system consists of threads and memory pools. If a customer wants to see the data in the database, it will do so through an instance (Instance) instead of directly reading the file on the hard disk. There is also an application system above the database system, which is the interactive interface we usually see.

According to statistics Analysis of database Analysis of database

the global database market size is approximatelyUS$80 billion. Belgium WhatsApp Data What is more prominent is that the database market concentration is very high globally. In the past five years, the top five global companies have account for more than 80% of the market share all year round, and the top three companies Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon have account for about 70% all year round.

The upstream of the entire Analysis of database  database industry chain is mainly hardware manufacturers, such as domestic ZTE and Huawei. The midstream is divided into DB (database underlying developer), database DBMS (management system developer), and service Analysis of database providers that provide supporting implementation services for them. The downstream is divid into application developers and industry users. There are many ways to participate in the entire database industry. For example, Huawei participated in the upstream hardware and develop and launched the midstream Huawei cloud database DBMS system.

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Development Trend Analysis of database Analysis of database

The database was born in the 1960s and has  AQB Directory undergone changes in the past decade. In the 1970s, IBM proposed a Analysis of database commercial relational database. Since then, this commercial database has been iteratively updat by mainstream manufacturers including Honeywell, IBM, Microsoft, etc., and has gradually been promot. in the market. With the development of digitization trends and the arrival of the big data era, databases have gradually moved from the edge of the light to the center of the stage, becoming one of the most important infrastructures in the big data era. Since commercialization, commercial relational databases have been in the local deployment stage for a long time. Until 2010, databases have gradually developed the following three new trends: First, database diversification.

Analysis of database industry background and development trends


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