Looking at the timeline carefully. Ritan Park was found in 2013, but it had been in the stage of generating electricity with love for a long time. It was not until 2018, after years of energy storage, that its commercial potential began to show. At present, Ritan Park has gradually evolved into a company with the ability to make profits . It has begun to continuously explore commercialization possibilities such as audio interstitial advertising, native advertising, program sponsorship, brand podcasts, content payment, derivative sales and community operations, and also Received a million-level angel round of financing.

It can be seen from the commercial exploration and layout of Ritan Park that currently podcasts still use advertising as the main profit model, which can be summarized into the following four categories

The first type is advertising spots

The second category is the customization of the entire program, which can be compared Greece Whatsapp Data to the media’s WeChat headline content. The specific  operation is that the company can customize the content according to the brand image it wants to express, and the anchors will naturally bring in brand advertising when talking about the topic. At present, the highest customized advertising quotation for the entire issue of the leading podcast Ritan Park has reached 300,000.

The third category is brand podcasts. As podcasts begin to gain popularity, more and more brands are realizing that they can use podcasts for serialized content marketing. As content producers, podcasters flexibly switch to advertising companies to proactively help brands produce content, and brands switch to podcasters to launch programs. For example, Cheng Yanliang and Yang Yi, the founders of “Hu Left Hu Right”, established JustPod in 2018.

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The fourth category is audio delivery

Podcasters usually record a program with a complete  theme  AQB Directory when delivering audio products, and leave 2-3 slots. Each slot lasts about 10-15 minutes for customers. Among the current leading players, Ritan Park’s charging model for audio delivery is “slot fee + sales commission”. With the slot fee ranging from RMB 60,000 to RMB 80,000. Ritan Park also has a special column call “Ritan ALL BUY”.  One issue per month can be us exclusively to bring goods. Interested listeners can regard. It as the monthly “Good Plants” column. While uninterested listeners can easily bypass it.

Podcasts have successfully explored these current models. From another perspective.  It actually means that brands have become more accepting and recognized of podcasts in recent years.

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