Nowadays we spend a good part of our time connected to social networks . Through them we share our tastes, our concerns and, beyond our personal preferences, often also our talents and our professional profile. Social networks are that window open to the world, which today every company must keep in mind if it wants to reach potential clients. Gone is the advertising boom in traditional media such as television, radio or the written press. In them, advertising continues to exist, but the need to invest in digital marketing is imposed , because it will be through it that greater visibility will be achieved among users. We explain how social networks can help our business. Why use social networks for a marketing strategy nine out of ten people use social networks in spain.

Almost million users use

These communication channels. And, according to data from the digital report 2022 , these internet users spend an average of two hours a day. Without a doubt, this is one of the reasons to use social networks in a marketing strategy . Beyond consuming content for pure entertainment, social networks allow us to communicate with brands. Through them we can send them our Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data opinions, doubts or even complaints. Although calls or emails still continue to be effective means, more and more people prefer to use social networks as a means of communication. Furthermore, the possibilities offered by social networks in relation to advertising strategies are multiple and very varied, thus promoting authentic business opportunities. Therefore, being present on social networks has become almost a necessity for companies. What do rrss provide? Until recently, advertising had to knock at our door.

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Now it slips directly through

The window (into our digital window, we mean), thus managing to reach many more market niches. For example, the lady who practices pilates and has logged into tiktok to watch exercise videos. Or the mother who is looking at the latest posts from her friends on facebook and sees an Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List advertisement for children’s stories to put her children to sleep; or the young student who takes a break between books to look at her instagram and online advertising suggests that he reserve his tickets for a concert. These are just some examples of the possibilities that social networks have to reach a larger audience in a more effective way and at a lower economic cost. Be careful, we have seen some examples, but not all advertising is valid for any social network . In fact, it is a fundamental task of companies to investigate where the target audience is.

How social networks can help our business


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