Brand Brand is a mia monitoring tool. Basically. it tells you what the internet thinks of your brand and how often it mentions it—and this isn’t limit to social mia. It can do the same thing for your competitors or any other brand you want to look up. This data allows you to See what people are saying about your product/service. Measure the effectiveness of your social mia and PR strategies. about your brand. Get notifi when user engagement reaches a peak. This way you can respond quickly to a crisis. for example. Send an alert when someone mentions you online. etc. So. if you don’t have a social mia tool like Brand. you’re really missing out on a lot. Pricing There is no free tier but there is a free trial.

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Premium plans start at per month or per month if you pay annually. communicate with their audience and what they get in return. For example. if you notice that social mia posts about a competitor’s latest feature are generally Whatsapp Mobile Number List negative. that’s something to note. It prevents you from making the same mistakes. Competitive analysis e.g. number of mentions in the form of a linear graph The same goes for positive emotions. Obviously. your competitor must be doing something right. and this is a valuable lesson. . Klipfolio One ring to rule them all or should I say one backstage. Klipfolio allows you to collect your marketing analytics tools including Ahrefs on one neat backend. And it doesn’t stop there.

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You can share the backend with others. generate reports from it. or filter data directly in the backend. For example. you could display these on one screen new customers page views brand mentions Goal completion rate Advertising costs Maintenance. repair and replacement You may ask. There are two AQB Directory main reasons easier reporting and time savings. Klipfolio solves the problem of trying to share data with stakeholders who don’t have access to or don’t fully understand a given tool; it also eliminates the inconvenience of clicking through a list of tools to find and extract data. It’s worth paying for. Pricing There is a free tier. Premium plans start at per month or per month if you pay annually. Salient features Klipfolio has a cool feature where you can control how data is display once it’s been pull into the tool. There are different chart types and styles.

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