In the area of Modern Wellbeing. Technology is impacting yet another massive movement which will cause significant ripples across society, economies, and business models. Over a decade agoI was analyzing how social technology democratized information, forever changing communications, media, marketing, and even governments. About five years ago, Many Industries I dove in deep on the Collaborative/Sharing Economy, where yet again, technology empowered humans to take commerce into their own handsThey could get what they needed from peers.

These trends continue

To also have impact to the economy, society, human interactions and beyond. Now I see yet another movement – the Modern Wellbeing market, which enables humans to take healthcare, mental care, physical care, directly Laos WhatsApp Number Data into their own hands. They are (for better or for worse) self-analyzing their bodies and minds with consumer technologies and relying on each other, and emerging AI systems to self-prescribe ways to help them be healthier, improve their mood, and beyond. We’ve interviewed over 50 startups and larger organizations in this space and see this market shaping up.

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All across the globe

Interestingly, a number of industries are starting to take notice. Not just the typical ones you’d expect like healthcare, insurance, and pharma, but also some unlikely ones like: Airlines are integrating mindfulness apps into Cambodia WhatsApp Number List entertainment units, and pre-boarding experience, Auto companies are preparing for autonomous rides, with the ability to shape a mood, or be productive, Hotels are offering “Welltality” services to help customers calm, relax, or generate energy for the day, Home developers are building smarter homes with soothing lights, air, and more, controlled via AI.

Many Industries are Impacted


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