Announced the opening of the call for segment 2 of the digital kit. The aid program launched by the government of spain for the digitalization of smes. And self-employed people. From this date until september 2, 2023, companies with between 3 and 9 employees can make their applications. As we will see, this call comes with important new features that reaffirm the aforementioned. Plan as the great opportunity for the digital transformation of this productive sector. Two new eligible solutions among the novelties of segment 2 of the digital kit indeed. Two new eligible digitization solutions are incorporated into the ten original ones in this new call. They are: advanced presence on the internet and marketplace.

Briefly, we explain what both consist

Advanced internet presence in essence, the purpose of this category is to provide functionalities and services. That boost the internet positioning of beneficiary companies. Specifically, through seo (search engine optimization) strategies we will seek to increase the visibility and India WhatsApp Number Data reach of these organizations to potential clients, as well as increase the traffic of visits to their websites. At a minimum, these solutions should include: in principle, internet positioning of business information : contact, profile, main sites, business networks and/or directories of companies and professionals. Keyword analysis : management, search and analysis of keywords, with the aim of carrying out strategies for search engines to classify the content. Competitor analysis . This will consist of a monthly report to know the situation of the beneficiary company with respect to its competition.

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It is essential that the solution offers

A minimum of two pages or on-page seo sections that optimize the internal structure and content and improve the natural positioning of the beneficiary in search engines. Off-page seo . This service involves executing actions outside the website environment to improve its organic positioning. Monthly monitoring reports , which report the results of the actions carried out and Bahamas Whatsapp Number List their impact on the presence of the beneficiary company on the internet. Marketplace in itself, the idea of ​​providing strategy and support services for the participation of beneficiary companies in marketplaces is to help promote sales through these channels. We can define marketplaces as online platforms where companies, brands and small businesses can sell goods and services. In practice, it allows you to sell your products through a third party’s ecommerce environment eg amazon or ebay.

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