At this time, careful use of user analysis is reflect in the data. Which users will I give privileges, which user benefits, or will high-quality users get both? It should be not that privileges necessarily belong to a few people. The specific allocation needs to be consider by the operator. The ideas can be referred to, from low to high, the permissions of each level are different. High levels must have certain program superiority. High-level users are naturally people who contribute to the product. Through the name and profit to motivate him to continue to produce efficiently.

User points strategy

To build a points system, you need to understand the architectural design of points and the significance of building a points system for user operations. I will not expand Malaysia Whatsapp Data on this topic in detail here, but only provide a direction for thinking. Points need to reflect value. Why should users work so hard to get your points? What are the usage scenarios after getting points. Users need to be clearly told about the valuable things they can get. For user points strategy design ideas. Please refer to: 1) The first one is the guiding role for users; 2) The second is to increase user activity; 3) The third is to increase users’ dependence on the product through users’ points; 4) The fourth is to retain users through points and improve the retention rate of the platform. Different users can be classified and graded through points to form a classification of the value of points by users.


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EDM email marketing strategy Privileges and welfare

The power of EDM email marketing seems to have been ignor by many operators. Through years of operational experience, the effect of EDM email marketing is no worse than other marketing methods. Sending emails also requires some attention, and it is still target to target users. emails, such as students, workers, housewives, etc. They all have different needs and pain points, so we just need to hit them. As long as it is not abus, it can still exert powerful effects.

Privileges and welfare strategies


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