The number of links, and the strength of the source site. Coding according to Google guidelines Points to focus on in SEO include a wide range of topics, from basic things like how to use title tags and heading tags to the content of structured data. Let’s compare your company’s website with the content of the guidelines. However, I think that there are few people in charge who can take the time to conduct research and analysis. With TACT SEO , by registering the keywords and target pages that you want to rank high on , it is possible to understand specific modifications to the themes, tags, etc.

By researching and comparing not only your own company

But also the top sites, you will be able to see what issues your company needs to address. By filling in these differences little by little, you can aim for a higher USA WhatsApp Number Data ranking site. Measures required to rank high for a single keyword Next, we will take specific measures based on the research we conducted earlier. Key points for content creation As mentioned above, when using a single keyword, search needs vary widely, so make sure to include related words in your content so that you can create a page that answers the search intent of your target users.

It is difficult to respond on one page

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Create multiple pages and connect them with internal links. to get external links External measures refer to measures that aim to improve evaluation by increasing India Phone Number List  the amount of information and links. Search engines also consider external link evaluation an important aspect. Therefore, this is something you should work on when aiming to rank high for a highly difficult keyword such as a single keyword. Ideally, you can obtain backlinks from the following sites. ・The link source site and your own site are highly relevant. ・The link source site has a high reputation.

The 10 sites that rank high for your target keyword


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