There are malicious  When crawlers circulate copy articles and search engines index them, articles that are labeled as copy articles are lowered in search rankings. However, the original article may be labeled as a copy article. The user who creates the copy article does not manually copy the content of the page, but uses a robot to copy the content of the page, or checks in advance a site that creates high-quality articles, and when the article is created. Because it copies quickly. The former robot circulates the site in the same way as a crawler, and when it finds an original article, it immediately creates a copy.

The search engine will treat the copy article

That was indexed first as the original, and will mistake the original article for a copy article. Also, when you create an article on a popular topic. The content of the Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data article may overlap with that of other sites. Even in such a case, the earlier the index is index, the higher the ranking will be. When you create a high-quality article, in order to avoid these damages, install PuSHPress and have it indexed instantly before it is copied. â– SEO tool that automatically extracts SEO issues and supports higher rankings Introduction of PuSHPress Now let’s introduce PuSHPress with PubSubHubbub to WordPress.

I will explain it step by step using screenshots

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First, from your WordPress dashboard, click Add New Plugin. Installing PubSubHubbub Search for PuSHPress from the search field on the top right. The one Nepal Phone Number List shown on the right with Author: Joseph Scott is the one we will introduce this time. Make sure you are correct and click Install Now. It will show that it is installing as shown in the screenshot. Once the installation is complete, don’t forget to press the Activate button. Go to the Installe Plugins page and make sure PuSHPress is install and activate. This plugin does not have an admin screen. Activate it and it’ll work right away. Once a page is update or created, it can be index instantly.

There are malicious users who create copied articles


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