Global Content Strategy: This is Going to Be Big! Enterprises are still in the early stages of integrating content strategy as a discipline, not only into the marketing mix, but also into operations and technology. Multinationals face a much more complex challenge: scaling content across borders, languages, cultures, and teams. This report examines the specific challenges of creating an effective global content marketing strategy, as well as best practice recommendations. Global content operations tend to operate either top-down, or bottom up. We learned neither approach works in isolation. Global content groups must enable local territories.

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Autonomy to make decisions that will make content appropriate and meaningful within their geographic region. Global, regional, and local should, and must, inform the other. This report was based on interviews with Iran WhatsApp Number Data global content executives from companies including Intel, Visa, Save the Children, DuPont, Cisco, Intel, 3M and many more. It was additionally informed by the work we’ve done crafting global content strategies for some of the world’s leading brands. Mature corporations understand that an innovation program is only as good as the employees behind it. Follow in the footsteps of corporations like Verizon, which have multiple innovation teams .

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Each with talented members dedicated to both ideation and execution. This helps them move efficiently to prototype and launch new innovations. Also focus on talent retention, as there’s a commonplace and ever-present threat that Belize WhatsApp Number List your best and brightest will be poached (or, at the very least, approached) by competing corporations or startups. Leaders at mature organizations consistently ask themselves, “Are we doing enough to keep our most innovative employees happy?” The most effective incentives tie employee progress on innovation KPIs directly to pay structure. Frequency-of-the-10-Types Other best practices from advanced organizations include.

This is Going to Be Big


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