We are going to explain everything you need to know about one of the most important security protocols. We are referring to ssl , which plays a fundamental role in those websites that care about the privacy of their users . What exactly? Why is it so relevant and what are its advantages? If you have ask yourself any of these questions, after reading this complete guide on ssl you will have obtaine all the answers. Continue reading to find out everything about an encryption protocol that has become indispensable on today’s internet . What is ssl and what is it for? Ssl stands for secure sockets layer . In spanish it is also translate as secure socket layer , although the word socket actually means socket. It is an encryption protocol that is responsible for protecting all information transmitte between the server and the web browser.

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It works to ensure the privacy of the information sent, preventing third parties from knowing what requests have been sent. To verify that secure sockets layer is being used, an ssl certificate must be install. We are talking about a document digitally sign by an authorize entity that Australia WhatsApp Number List identifies the owner of a website and confirms to the user that the server is legitimately relat to the domain . In other words, it allows the user to know who is really behind the site to which they are requesting resources or sending personal data. How does the ssl encryption protocol work? Before exploring all the benefits of ssl , thus discovering how crucial it is to implement this encryption protocol, let us briefly explain how this system works . We have written this guide thinking about all types of users, so we will avoid going into technicalities. Rather, we expose the steps taken by the parties involve in a secure connection, that is, the client and the server. The first action that triggers the use of ssl is the user’s request for a web resource. You may enter the url directly into the browser or access it from a search engine, such as google.

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The client computer requests a secure ssl connection

In other words, it is as if I were asking you to identify yourself. When the server receives this request. It sends the ssl certificate that includes a public key and additional data that authenticates your identity. The user’s web browser checks whether the ssl certificate is valid or not. If so, an encrypt connection is creat through a cryptographic key Algeria WhatsApp Number List exchange. All the information exchange between both machines is protect from outside eyes and, therefore, is completely private. Why is it important to use ssl on a website? There are several reasons why you should consider implementing the ssl encryption protocol on your website. Below, we take a look at the advantages you need to know about. Protect sensitive information the main purpose of ssl certificates is to encrypt the information share between websites and their visitors, preventing it from being intercept or manipulate by third parties.

Ssl everything about one of the main security protocols


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