Advantages of introducing always on SSL

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Advantages of introducing Information security Prevents data eavesdropping and packet data tampering from third parties By using an encryption mechanism. It is possible to prevent data eavesdropping and packet data falsification by third parties. Recently, Wi-Fi has become conveniently available in public areas such as airports and cafes. It’s great t communication data can be easily intercepted and tampere with using specialized tools. There are few problems if you are just browsing a website, but for example. If you send and receive login personal information ID, password, etc.

Contain in cookies from a form on a website that is not SSL-enable

Advantages of introducing Login information may  stole by a malicious third party. “Always on SSL” is important to minimize such damage. Reliability for users You can prove that it is Denmark WhatsApp Number Data not a “spoofing site” When implementing “Always on SSL”, an SSL server certificate will be issue by a third-party SSL certification authority. A website that has been issue a certificate can publish the certification authority’s certificate (logo) on the site, so users can check on their browser whether “always on SSL” is being appliy at any part of the URL other than https. You can check it with .

Improve display speed Necessary to use web page

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Display acceleration technology With the advent of the HTTP/2 protocol, which has improved communication speeds and improved . We can now Israel Phone Number List expect web pages to display faster. By using this protocol, features such as header compression reduce the waiting time until a web page is display. And importantly. in order to use this protocol, an “SSL/TLS” connection (SSL connection) is require . Get referrer Referrer information can be obtain regardless of whether the site is visit from. “http” or “https” If you are using Google Analytics to analyze access. knowing from which site your site is visit is an important operational guideline when considering running PPC ads.

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