Here is that due to the One thing to keep in mind if a visitor moves from an “https” site to an “http” site, the referrer information will be “none”. That’s what happens. In this case, the precious access information is wasted and it is impossible to think of the next method for analysis, but by introducing “always on SSL”, referrer information can be obtained regardless of whether the site is visited from “http” or “https”. You will be able to do it. SEO measures Always-on SSL affects search rankings Google has stated that “always on SSL” will affect search rankings .

The actual impact has not yet been determine

But given the level of support for Google’s “always on SSL”, it should be considere that it cannot  ignore. If it creates a secure environment and improves France WhatsApp Number Data search rankings, you should decide that there is no harm in implementing “always-on SSL”. “TACT SEO” is a tool that combines functions necessary for SEO measures such as keyword research, daily ranking measurement, and finding SEO issues on the site. It is possible to comprehensively analyze the reasons why your site is not ranked high. Input time is 30 seconds! Please try the free version.

When introducing always-on SSL

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So should we immediately implement “always-on SSL” within our company? Finally, we would like to introduce some points that you should be aware of before Italy Phone Number List implementing it. (1) SSL implementation cost Generally, a fee is require to issue an SSL server certificate. The price for one certificate varies from 3,000 yen to 180,000 yen per year, depending on the type of server (dedicated or shared) and SSL certification level. Additionally, if you operate multiple sites, you will need to pay for each site. (2) Site-wide 301 forwarding settings I mentioned earlier the benefits of being able to receive referrers from both “http” and “https” sites, but if you have both “http” and “https” pages on your site, “http” sites will no longer be able to receive referrers.

Here is that due to the specifications of Google Analytics


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