There are actually many ways to use WeChat marketing, which are list below: WeChat public account : The most common way is to push content to customers regularly for marketing. It is divid into subscription account and service account. Generally, enterprises will choose to make service accounts, while individual operators will make subscription accounts; WeChat Mini Program : Mini Program is a new form of application that can be used without downloading and installing. Binding the Mini Program with a public account can bring in more traffic and can also be appli to offline sales; Circle of friends : It can also be regarded as a marketing method. Use the circle of friends to build yourself into an expert image, thereby enhancing the marketing effect. WeChat group : Gather target users to establish a community, carry out daily maintenance and development, and organize some activities to increase user activity and user stickiness,

Produce content that meets user needs

Doing WeChat marketing is actually doing content marketing. Good content is the foundation for good WeChat marketing. Here is an introduction Netherlands Whatsapp Data to how to produce content: 1. Follow the principles and analyze the user’s purchase path There are several important principles for content production. First, you need to output continuously so that you can have a long-term presence among users. Otherwise, if the push frequency is too low, users will soon forget who you are. The second is to focus on serving users , not just to build a personal brand, then it is necessary to formulate a content strategy around the user’s purchase path .

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Develop content strategies based on user purchase paths

In the Awareness stage, what you should do is to produce content to build users’ awareness of the parts of user needs that are consistent with your product. So that  AQB Directory users know that they have such needs and that you can meet such needs. Then Provide dry information, product introductions. User reviews and other content to achieve the effect of building a brand image, and then use white papers, analysis reports. Industry reviews, etc. to establish your own authority and make users think that you are a reliable source of information. For example, fashion magazines such as “Harper’s Bazaar” often push articles similar to “Summer Sunscreen Guide” to create awareness among beauty-loving women that “sunscreen is need in summer”,

Choose the right WeChat marketing method


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