The brand’s consistent content marketing approach may not be truly efficient at the moment. It is necessary for us to try some new content marketing methods, and these content marketing methods are proving to be very effective. It is necessary to define it first: What is the old communication method? The general operations of the old communication style referred to in this article are: First based on insights, and then produce a BIG IDEA at the brand level or a campaign; then based on this, produce various advertising communication materials, such as: TVC/viral videos, KV/social posters, H5, etc., and then choose the media. These materials are put out. This is the standard service and operation process provided by advertising companies to the brand marketing department.

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I have recently become more and more aware of the limitations of this style of play, and the brand’s demand for this service is gradually decreasing. Taking the USA WhatsApp Data recent 618 event as an example, I originally wanted to collect some cases of brands that have done well in marketing communication from a creative perspective, such as social events that hit the screen, popular H5, viral videos that broke out of the circle, etc. But unfortunately, there are only a handful of examples of brands spreading materials like this this year. Why is this happening? One very important reason is that media and audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented.

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The old communication method is losing focus

In the era of mobile Internet, mass media has gradually lost focus. The information cocoon formed by the content algorithms of thousands of people on various media  AQB Directory platforms seems to put the audience in countless “Truman Shows.” In this case, the old communication method was like using a cannon to hit mosquitoes scattered everywhere, suddenly losing focus. Think about it, when we produce communication materials based on BIG IDEA, we assume that the audience is a group of people with the same identity and background. But in fact, with the unbundling of audience identities, everyone is interest in The content itself may be different. Even if the imaginary group of people is found through crowd tags in subsequent media placement, the communication efficiency will be greatly reduc. This is the first reason why the old spread style of play is losing its competitiveness.

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