Customer management is an aspect in which many smes need to improve. Sometimes the data is not well organized and as a consequence the full use is not made of it. Crms are a good solution to put order. Although commercial solutions have gained ground, there is an open source alternative for process and customer management . We are referring to odoo , the number one open source crm in the world. What is odoo exactly? What are its main characteristics? Can your sme take advantage of its customer management system ? In the following sections we are going to resolve all your doubts regarding this open source crm . We explain how it improves process and customer management thanks to its erp and crm module . If you want to know everything about this tool, stay with us. What is odoo and what is it for? Odoo is an open source crm and erp . Therefore, it is software designed for customer management and process management within companies.

We are facing an open source solution

That is, open source. As with other similar tools, such as wordpress , it has a community version and a business version, with commercial services provided by a belgian company called odoo s.A. Odoo has more than 40 modules that allow you to optimize your sme in various areas. We have already mentioned customer management , since it has a crm New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data module . Also process management , thanks to the erp module . However, odoo is also useful for: project management. Warehouse management system. Manufacture. Asset management. Time sheets. Customer support. Electronic commerce. Analytical and financial accounting. Points of sale. Web design. Human resources management. Inventory management. Technical help. Marketing campaings. As you can see, it is a complete platform that meets endless needs within companies thanks to its modular configuration. Now, what are its main advantages? Let’s see.

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Benefits of using odoo in an sme below

We review some of the advantages of odoo within companies, even when it comes to smes . Integrative tool those responsible for odoo emphasize that this is an integrative tool . Because? Most companies make the mistake of using a long list of applications to manage their departments. However, thanks to this crm you will be able to manage customer records on a modern Argentina WhatsApp Number List platform, while designing marketing campaigns and providing technical support to your customers. Among its modules you will find practically any solution for your business, avoiding jumping between various tools, saving time and being more productive. It is open source when an application is open source it is easier to trust it. After all, your code is public and can be audited at any time. Even if at some point the development company stops providing support, which could happen, the community could take over the project.


Odoo the number one open source crm in the world


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