According to the latest global state of digital study published in october 2022 by we are social and hootsuite , there are just over 5 billion internet users in the world (63.5% of the population). On average, this number of people remain connected to the network 6 hours and 37 minutes a day. But what is striking is that of that time, also on average, they spend 2 hours and 28 minutes using social networks . For this reason, these interaction channels continue to establish themselves as meeting places between brands, products and consumers. However, many companies usually go beyond using these media to promote their products. A good part of its strategy is focused on building customer loyalty on social networks . Certainly, loyalty marketing is becoming more relevant. For this reason, many brands are reconsidering the use of social networks to strengthen the loyalty of their customers.

Why is it important for brands to build

Customer loyalty on social networks? Today, social media is one of the key touchpoints used by brands to engage customers . In fact, these platforms are essential to offer an omnichannel experience to the consumer. Along with this, many brands also understand the power of brands to help establish a strong long-term relationship with their buyers. Now, why Estonia WhatsApp Number List insist on loyalty ? Because it is clear that this aspect, correctly focused, is an effective tool to retain customers already earned. In addition, it has a positive impact on the income statement, since the probabilities of selling again to a current customer are between 60 and 70%; while those of selling to a potential client are only 5 to 20%. Better yet, loyal customers spend around 67% more per purchase than new customers and will potentially attract other potential buyers through referrals. .

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Therefore, building customer loyalty

On social networks is a priority task for companies, taking into account the versatility and wide reach of said media. Each interaction between companies and their customers is a new opportunity to increase existing loyalty and improve the engagement that buyers Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List feel for the brand. On the other hand, when a person decides to follow a brand’s social media accounts, they already show a level of commitment. But it also makes it possible for the new follower to appreciate the content shared by that brand. Thanks to constant interactions on social networks with their customers, brands have the opportunity to promote the value of their products to many other potential customers , since a loyal customer will share that content with family, friends and followers. Tips to retain customers on social networks next.

How to retain customers on social networks


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