What will be the technological trends that will have an impact on the business environment in 2023? What will be the ones that will influence the fulfillment of objectives such as increased income, the decisive push towards digital transformation , the increase in the value of data or the construction and security of brands? In this regard, the renowned technology consulting firm gartner recently identified ten trends that it has organized into four impact perspectives. We will talk about these briefly below. Although we will also highlight other technologies outside of gartner’s list that will be relevant in the medium term. A new way to present emerging technological trends as we said, gartner presented its list of emerging technological trends by innovatively grouping them into four aspects of expected impacts on the business world .

In this sense, each topic describes the usefulness

And benefits of the technologies it encompasses in the following way: optimization the trends grouped in this impact perspective pursue the optimization of information technology systems . Its purposes, on Germany WhatsApp Number List the one hand, are: to make it much more reliable and drive continuous improvements in data-based decision making. And on the other hand, preserve the integrity and value of artificial intelligence (ai) systems in productive activity. This group includes the following technological trends : the digital immune system , with which it is possible to create an improved customer experience. To do this, it supports the convergence of several software engineering strategies to protect against risk. Through observability (which is the next trend), automation and design, the digital immune system provides resilient mechanisms that reduce operational risks.

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The data provided by an organization

Next, applied observability works based on the data provided by an organization, using ai based on the analysis and the formulation of possible solutions. This allows a company to make faster and more accurate future decisions. Even when applied systematically, it is capable of Colombia WhatsApp Number List reducing response latency and optimizing the organization’s operations in real time. Ai trism (artificial intelligence for reliability, risk and safety management) is a technology framework that supports the governance of ai models. Just as it ensures the effectiveness, solidity, fairness, reliability and privacy of this technology. To this end, ai trism is made up of techniques, processes and solutions dedicated to the interpretation and explanation of models. They also guarantee privacy, model operations and resistance to cyber attacks against the company and its customers.

Technological trends that will mark


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