May receive most of the fanfare. Mixed reality technologies offer enterprises many opportunities to supercharge employee skill-sets as well. Utilizing internal-facing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications often referred to simply as “XR” for “extended reality” companies can increase collaboration and transform traditional approaches to education and training. Repairs and maintenance, sales, product and site design, and more. The latest report from Kaleido Insights’ Six Ways we published “Prepare for the New Reality of ‘Super Employees.’”

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The most effective cross-departmental use cases of mixed reality within organizations. These are applicable to a variety Mexico WhatsApp Number Data industries (see Fig. 1 below), with advantages of utilizing XR over traditional processes, practices, and legacy technologies abound. The six enterprise use cases are: Engineering and Design Modeling: Utilizing 3D modeling in engineering products is a tried-and-true method in most manufacturing environments. Reviewing designs in a collaborative VR space offers novel opportunities as traditional computer-aided design and modeling (CAD/CAM) technologies evolve.

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Training and Employee Education

Conducting training exercises in a VR environment offers many benefits over real-world programs, including increased safety; managing information transfer amidst high employee turnover; scaling trainers; and Chile WhatsApp Number List upskilling existing workers. Real-time Information Overlay: Primarily a use case meant for AR, real-time information is provided to a viewer utilizing wearable AR headsets or accessible through a mobile device or tablet via an AR app. While simultaneously viewing real-world surroundings. Theft Protection: Though primarily retail in its industrial application.

Six Ways Your Business Will Use Mixed Reality


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