Understand Google guidelines  SEO tool that automatically extracts SEO issues and supports higher rankings. How to create content that won’t receive low ratings with Panda Update. There are many factors that are affected by Panda updates. Here we will introduce the factors that are considered to have a large influence and how to think about them. With reference to the Webmaster Guidelines propose by Google. Expertise In cases where specialized knowledge is require, such as in medicine or law, it is desirable that the author or supervisor be an expert. Article quality It is desirable that the article presents multifaceted analysis and evidence for the topic, and that the information is interesting.

Advertising Avoid displaying inappropriate

Advertisements or an excessive number of advertisements that prevent the reader from reading the content. On a smartphone screen. if multiple Oman WhatsApp Number Data advertisements are displayed side by side. The entire display area may become an advertisement. So it is necessary to control advertisement display on PC and smartphone using CSS, etc. Duplication Duplication with other sites: Unauthorize use of content from other sites is a copyright violation before SEO, so it must be resolve. Site duplication: Duplicate pages and content need to be merge commonality We need to aim for quality that causes action on Facebook, Twitter, Hatena Bookmark, etc.

The Penguin Update is an algorithm

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Update implemente in April 2012, and after several updates so far. It was finally integrate into the core ranking algorithm. In the September 2016 update. and is Malta Phone Number List currently update daily. . The Penguin algorithm is an algorithm that lowers the evaluation of websites that use “black hat SEO” , an SEO method that violates Google’s quality guidelines . But mainly by reviewing the evaluation of link quality, it removes low-quality links. The purpose is to lower the ranking of the website that is receiving it. Before the Penguin Update. Even low-quality websites with a large number of links could be ranke higher on websites that were of no use to users.

Understand Google guidelines and avoid penalties


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