Differences between Panda If you’re a web person, you’ve probably heard of ” Update ” and “Penguin Update.” For those who know that they have a big impact on Google’s search rankings but don’t understand their characteristics in detail or what the differences are, here’s how to avoid the differences and penalties between the two. I would like to explain how to do this. table of contents 1What is the difference between “Panda Update” and “Penguin Update”? 2″Panda Update” 2.1How to create content that won’t receive low ratings with  Update 3″Penguin Update” 3.1What is black hat SEO method? FourWhat are the key points for future SEO measures?

What is the Update and Penguin Update

Panda Update” is an evaluation of “ quality of content ”. The “Penguin Update” is an update that primarily affects websites that perform ” link New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data manipulation .” Both of these methods still result in lowering information (content, websites) that Google users are not looking for from the top of search results. Next, I will explain the contents of each. “Panda Update” Algorithm that lowers low-quality websites from the top of search results The purpose of  Update is to “lower the rankings of websites with low-quality content in search results, so that websites with high-quality content are ranked higher.

It has been updated multiple times

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Ssince its implementation in July 2012. Originally, it was an independent search algorithm. But it is now integrate into the core ranking algorithm. That is the Malaysia Phone Number List basis of the search algorithm. And updates to the algorithm that use to  do manually are now do automatically on a daily basis. Before the Update was introduce, sites with high keyword content and low-quality content were display at the top of search results, and truly valuable sites were hide on the second page and beyond. was occurring.  Update was introduced to improve this situation. Now, let’s introduce some specific features of the search algorithm introduced in  Update.

Differences between Panda and Penguin updates


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