Have you heard of bereal ? If you follow current events around social networks, it is very likely that yes. This innovative proposal is sweeping among the youngest and is another demonstration of the constant evolution present in this sector. Keep reading to learn more about what it is and how it works. The following sections include all the information about bereal , a new platform that is committed to authenticity in networks and avoids posturing . But how do you achieve it? We show you how exactly it works and how it competes against the increasingly artificial content of instagram and other similar social networks . Do not miss it! What is bereal? Bereal is a social network with a somewhat peculiar content publishing procedure. Although it is true that it has achieved greater popularity in 2022, it has been active since 2020 . The concept it pursues has been so innovative for users that its developer, alexis barreyat , is already putting other important players in the digital sector in check.

Instagram is considering copying it

Integrating similar functions into its application. And what is this commotion due to? Mainly, because bereal ‘s approach is to generate more authentic content . We’ll delve deeper into this when we explain how exactly it works, but the main idea is none other than to avoid edited idyllic photos. This UAE WhatsApp Number List differentiates it from other social networks and “forces” the user to be natural. A very easy to understand system the proposed system to achieve that objective is simple. Send a single notification a day when the user least expects it. Once the notice arrives, a countdown is activated during which a photo can be published showing what is being done at that precise moment. Thus, bereal moves away from the complexity of applications like instagram or tik tok now , with hundreds of configuration parameters, especially in the field of privacy.

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In bereal everything is public

How exactly does bereal work? As we have explained, the procedure for publishing content on bereal is simple to say the least. However, you may have doubts about its operation. Next, we show you the steps to create content on this social network. Create an account despite eliminating everything that complicates its system, bereal does require the creation of an El Salvador WhatsApp Number List account . To do this, you must enter the phone number. Upon completion of the registration process, the user is ready to receive their first daily notification. Wait for the notification bereal sends a single notification per day. In it appears a text similar to the one you see in the image that heads this article. The application reminds you that it is time to bereal , that is, to be real. From that moment, there are two minutes to take the photo. A somewhat peculiar photo the photograph taken by the application has an important peculiarity: it is a composite image. Using the front and rear cameras , a montage is generated in which the user is seen, as he is at that moment, and what he is seeing.

Bereal the application that is sweeping among the youngest


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