It can be said that as contemporary people, we are paying more and more attention to food safety issues, that is, the issue of ingredients. There is a noodle shop in Nanjing called Youda, which used this as an entry point and released a video on Douyin to make the food production process transparent. From the careful selection of fish and meat, to the cleaning of vegetables, to the disinfection of tableware, and even the tidying up of the kitchen, everything is present to consumers in the form of short videos, dispelling consumers’ concerns about food safety and building a brand. At the same time, it also improves the store arrival rate of offline customers.

Focus on fan interaction

There are few fans in the early stage, so you must pay attention to the interaction of every fan user. Treat every fan seriously and make fans feel valued. Please try your best Saudi Arabia Whatsapp Data  to respond to fans’ questions and comments one-on-one. In the later period, as the number of fans increases, you can entrust a dedicated person or form a team to help maintain it, which can better improve fan stickiness. First, establish the fans’ favor and trust, and don’t rush to monetize. The more high-quality fans you accumulate, the more conducive to the development of your account in the future.

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Set up WeChat traffic

The last step to do is to divert the fans accumulated by Douyin to our WeChat. Because Douyin itself is public domain traffic, we need to divert users to WeChat groups  AQB Directory or personal WeChat to count it as our own private domain traffic. In this step, we can set up personal WeChat or WeChat groups directly in the video content or comment area or on the homepage, guide fans to add, and finally establish our private domain traffic pool.

Deeply delving into details – taking food safety as the entry point


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