Douyin is now one of the most popular short video APPs, with 300 million daily active users and huge traffic. It is also the platform of choice for many newbies and grassroots entrepreneurs. Every user can become popular through their excellent works. This opportunity increases the personal influence of the company and maximizes the flow of Douyin traffic to its own private domain traffic pool. What are the specific steps? 1. Refined operation of short videos Whether a video can become popular depends on many factors such as the verticality of our account, initial account maintenance, and fan interaction. The specific operations are as follows: 1) Field verticality Find a subdivided vertical field and clarify our audience positioning. Secondly, we can stimulate the pain points and needs of target users through content works. In addition,

Initial account maintenance

Maintaining an account is something that a  new account must do. It takes about 5-7 days a week. After registering an account, don’t rush to post things. You need toRussia Whatsapp Data let the Douyin system accurately identify the areas we like and are interested in, which can increase the weight of the account. For example, if you want to work in the food field, then we will watch food videos and let the system recognize that you are paying attention to the food field. At the same time, you can follow about 3 popular accounts in the food field every day. Not too many. After watching the video, you can like and comment. Yes. If you want to do it offline,

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Deeply delving into details – taking food safety as the entry point

It can be said that as contemporary people, we are paying more and more attention to food safety issues, that is, the issue of ingredients. There is a noodle shop in  AQB Directory Nanjing called Youda, which used this as an entry point and released a video on Douyin to make the food production process transparent. From the careful selection of fish and meat, to the cleaning of vegetables, to the disinfection of tableware, and even the tidying up of the kitchen,

How to use Douyin platform to establish private domain traffic


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