a large number of mobile medical platforms have gone online or expanded online diagnosis and treatment and online consultation activities, using the advantages of the platform to collect more professional doctors to provide consultation and other services to the public. In addition to these platform companies, a large number of public medical institutions have also developed online free consultation platforms.

The penetration rate of online education has increased significantly

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the Ministry of Education has put forward the guidance of “suspending classes Poland Whatsapp Dara without stopping learning, and suspending classes without stopping teaching.” After offline classes were suspended, a large number of training institutions switched from offline to online. Large education and training institutions such as New Oriental can directly convert with the help of existing online platforms, while small training institutions such as Squirrel AI Learning and Zuoyebang seek to cooperate with online education providers. The epidemic has indirectly cultivated people’s habit of accepting online education, which has greatly promoted the popularization of online education. It is also an opportunity to lower customer acquisition costs and improve profitability. It is expected that dual-teacher education, online live streaming, etc. will become more popular education scenarios in the future.

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The popularity of remote office software is accelerating

Affected by the epidemic, many companies had to quickly “seek changes” in order to tide over the difficulties. On February 10, companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen,  AQB Directory  Beijing and other places resumed work on this day. Enterprise WeChat data showed that backend server requests increased by more than 10 times. In fact, remote working has been around for a long time, such as DingTalk and WeChat Enterprise. Many companies have been using it for a long time, and the technology has long been mature. It has not been popularized before, mainly due to challenges from traditional management philosophy and team collaboration issues in practice. This year is the first time that remote working has been implemented on such a large scale and universally.

Online medical demand explodes and becomes a popular industry


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